Mazinho: Many teams are after Rodrigo, you never know what's going to happen

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Mazinho: Many teams are after Rodrigo, you never know what's going to happen

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Former Valencia player เว็บ แทง บอล Mazinho is particularly close to star striker Rodrigo Moreno's camp and he has conceded that he isn't sure what will happen in the player's future. Mazinho and Adalberto (Rodrigo's father) have known each other for a lifetime. The former Brazil international's children, Thiago and Rafinha, have grown up with Rodrigo to form a familial bond between them.Precisely, for this reason, Valencia gave a surprise to Rodrigo on Wednesday, when Mazinho delivered his player of the month award for March."You never know, Rodrigo is very appetising in the market," he told Radio MARCA Valencia when questioned about the player's future."He has renewed the contract this season and he has a significant clause, but football is changing in a spectacular way and you never know what can happen at the end of the season."On more than one occasion since Rodrigo arrived at Valencia in 2014, Mazinho criticised then coach Nuno Espirito Santo for playing him out of position, but he never had any doubts about the player."I had no doubts, I knew that Rodrigo's moment was going to come sooner or later, even though he had moments of tremendous เว็บ แทง บอล difficulty at the start," the ex-midfielder noted.He also recognizes the great positive impact Marcelino has had in the explosion of the Spanish-Brazilian forward."With the arrival of Marcelino, he has managed to take advantage of Rodrigo's characteristics very well," he said.""He has pushed him in the best possible way and the result is this, a Rodrigo that can make each ball he touches turn into a goal."Rodrigo is a player who is in a sweet moment and is able to play his style while achieving all the team's objectives."During the conversation, Mazinho was asked if Valencia had any chance to land Rafinha in the winter, but he took the opportunity to throw more praise on Marcelino. "There was no conversation on that topic," he said. "Valencia are an important club and there is a perfect coach for these kids who are trying to make the team as starters."Obviously, Marcelino เว็บ แทง บอล would be a perfect coach for this type of player, but there has been no call in this regard."

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Re: Mazinho: Many teams are after Rodrigo, you never know what's going to happen

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